ORCHA-APTA Digital Health App

APTA is working with ORCHA (Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps) to launch a digital health app library available to APTA members.  Apps in the library will be reviewed against the USDHAF (US Digital Health Assessment Framework), and this framework includes components specific to the US an data and privacy, clinical assurance and safety, usability and accessibility, and technical security and stability.

As we launch the library, we are offering live training sessions to Section members.  Please join us for Monday, May 22nd from 1-2pm ET, for a live 1-hour training on the use of the ORCHA-APTA Digital Health App Library.

Learning objectives will include:

  • What is ORCHA?
  • Why partner with ORCHA?

Practical understanding of the ORCHA-APTA  Digital Health App Library

  • Explanation of the app assessment framework
  • Tips on how best to utilize this library in your practice

After this training, we will invite attendees to ask questions, and will ask all attendees to complete a feedback survey on how these training sessions could improve.  All attendees will be given access to the app library.  A calendar invite for the meeting with a Teams link will be sent no later that Monday morning.

Sign up for the May 22, 2023 training by clicking here.

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