Current Legislative Items

The Maine Chapter needs your help!  As the chapter is in the process of submitting bills during the upcoming state legislative session, we need you to reach out to your local legislators.  Please read the letter and talking points from our Lobbyist, Gwen Simons and our Payment and Policy Committee Chair, Jen Corbeil by clicking here.  Below is a general summary on a couple talking points:

  • We are opening our practice act primarily to make changes necessary to join the PT Compact
  • It has been 25+ years since our practice act was updated, so it needs modernization due to changes in PT practice
  • We are not attempting to increase our scope of practice, but simply decrease the burden to patients and provide more timely and appropriate care
  • This includes striking the requirement of referral for spinal manipulation
  • As well as eliminating direct access restrictions (chronic pain patients, pediatric populations, performance and wellness clients, etc do not make sense for current referral requirements after 30 days without improvements and/or 120 days total)

Please click on our Legislative tab to find other legislative items or click here.   

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