2023 Elections Are Now Closed!

2023 Elections Results

The Maine, APTA had a successful election process.  Thank you to all you took the time to cast your vote.  Election results will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting happening December 8th, 2023 at the UNE Poster Symposium.  Please join us for a wonderful evening at 

University of New England
Girard Innovation Hall, Room 104
772 Stevens Ave.
Portland, ME 04103

We have 4 raffle items available, hors d' oeuvres, cash bar and award celebrations.  Click HERE for the full program.

Learn about their qualifications, visions, and commitment to serving the association. 

During the nomination process, we invited our candidates to share their perspectives and qualifications by responding to 2 key questions on the nomination form.  Let's explore their responses to the following questions:

Question One:  Leveraging Experience and Expertise  Please explain how your expertise could be utilized in the nomination position to further the objectives of the Chapter.

Question Two:  Shaping the Future of Our Chapter  Explain your perceptions regarding the direction the Chapter should take in the future and how your goals for the nominated positions will affect this change.

  • Vice President Candidate: Philip Finemore
    Response 1:  Stay tuned for response.
    Response 2:  Stay tuned for response.
  • Treasurer Candidate:  Tara Paradie
    Response 1:  I believe that my experience on several committees as noted in my CV gives me the ability to participate in the executive committee work - I look forward to having some mentoring in the Treasurer role and am excited at the idea of becoming a part of the executive team, if I am elected.
    Response 2:  I believe that the Maine APTA is picking up momentum and there is a great energy about things that could be accomplished, such as mentorship, networking, support of students, journal clubs, and creating an environment for learning, such as the promotion of CEUs.  I believe that membership is important but there needs to be a way to better communicate that to professional minded therapists.
  • Delegate Candidate:  Stephanie Long
    Response 1:  My clinical and professional experiences continue to drive my passion for our profession.  While living in New Jersey, I became heavily involved on a state, academy and national level.  With my recent move to Maine approximately a year ago, I am happy and eager to contribute to the continued leadership and governance of APTA ME.
    Response 2:  I believe in continuing to help grow new engagement but also invigorating the existing members of the Chapter.  The collaborate effort between new and seasoned clinicians will help drive innovation and impact growth for our profession to allow us to better serve our patients and communities.
  • PTA Council Representative
    None:  Please consider submitting a nomination.
  • District III Representative Candidate:  Mike Rioux
    Response 1:  I have service and volunteer experience working with others in my community as part of my church and from experience in the Boy Scouts.  I attained my Eagle Scout Award at 16.
    Response 2:  I see the Chapter trying to get more members involved.  I see myself educating my colleagues on the chapter's work to meet objectives to further improve clinical practice in Maine so that maybe they would want to volunteer themselves down the road.
  • District IV Representative 
    None:  Please consider submitting a nomination. 
  • Nominating Committee Member
    None:  Please consider submitting a nomination.  

Special Interest Group Positions Up for Elections:

  • Ortho-Man PT Vice Chair Candidate:  Chad Howland
    Response 1:  I have been a practicing physical therapist for nearly 20 - years in multiple settings, healthcare organizations, and PT education.  My teaching experiences include gross anatomy, musculoskeletal assessment and treatment, and lab assisting for continuing education courses.
    Response 2:  The ability to serve in leadership role within the OMPT SIG would advance the Chapter's goal to reach current and prospective members through educational resources and networking, along with mentoring physical therapists new to the profession.
  • Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Nominating Committee Member
    None:  Please consider submitting a nomination.
  • Pediatric PT Vice Chair Candidate:  Maryam Nahidian
    Response 1:  My previous experience from the Maine Lend program and collaborative approach working at CDS in the preschool setting, I strive to uphold the values of the Chapter by providing family-centered care while promoting inclusion and an innovative evidence-based approach.  As the Vice Chair of the Pediatric SIG, I have been involved in collaborating with other board members and members of the SIG to strive in enhancing connection with other pediatric PTs in Maine to further develop meaningful partnerships that can be applied to our daily practice.
    Response 2:  The collaborative aspect is crucial as it builds a support system for fellow pediatric PTs in the state of Maine.  By having meetings to discuss topics such as resources and building ways to foster an evidence-based approach to ensure that professionalism and accountability is upheld.  Currently in the Pediatric SIG the fellow board members and I have discussed future meetings and goals to address areas of need based on surveys that have been completed by members.  In the role of Vice Chair I would continue to be a part of these discussions and collaborate with other pediatric PTs working in a variety of settings to provide inclusive, innovative, and collaborative environment to work towards improving our practice to provide the best care for the populations we serve.
  • Pediatric PT Nominating Committee Member Candidate:  Amanda Wargo
    Response 1:  As a Pediatric Certified Specialist PT, I have the pleasure in working across multiple settings (outpatient, preschool/EI, and school based).  This helps to provide a viewpoint from these different settings and how we can connect, support, and educate therapists in all of them.
    Response 2:  Moving forward this Chapter could be very beneficial in connecting providers across the state.  We have a lot of talented minds working in our field in Maine and bringing those minds together may help us in providing the best care to the children in Maine.  Group events allow for collaboration.  CEU events can help us remain up to date on the latest changes in our field.  Meetings can help facilitate a platform for share resources beneficial to our patients.  Moving forward I see the Chapter providing zoom and in person events to facilitate all these areas and hopefully provide other pediatric PTs in Maine a platform to become more connected and proactive in continuing their own professional development. 
  • Student Vice Chair - Hilde Everson  
  • Student Nominating Committee Member - Narissa Libby

Click HERE for a Student SIG nomination form.

If you would like to apply for any of the above positions, please fill out the form below or submit a CV along with the position you would like to apply for to Christie Krueger, Executive Director at ckrueger@orthopt.org.  Any questions, please reach out to ckrueger@orthopt.org.

Download and Submit a Nomination Form

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